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Evan Marker Stonework will undertake stonework projects in all areas including regional South Australia, the Outback and interstate.

Evan Marker Stonework specialises in the planning, design and construction of stonework for houses and in landscape applications. Our experience in the stone industry in Adelaide spans over the last twenty years. We adhere to traditional stone building techniques applied to a contemporary context. The primary use of hand selected and, in most cases, hand dressed stone sourced from local quarries enables the production of stonework of the highest quality that retains a distinct local character.

Our interests range from the preservation and restoration of our older stone buildings to the construction of modern stone buildings. We are also experienced in the construction of stone retaining walls and stone feature walls for defining areas in gardens and landscapes. Our landscaping applications include dry-stone walling and mortared walls and extend to all types of garden features specifically designed to suit our client's unique wishes.


Our Services

We offer a wide range of stone services - all residential stonework, landscape stonework, sculptures, letter carving  and workshops.

Evan Marker Stonework can also supply hand dressed stone from all local sources. Supply is by order only and can match any individual specifications such as stones squared up truly for quoins and stone returns into windows and doors. Stone subject to availability.


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Conservation & Restoration


House Additions


Garden Walls & Features


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Latest Projects

For fifteen years I have been refining the art of stonecraft using stone largely sourced from quarries located close to Adelaide. Projects range from house frontages to architecturally designed landscape features to the restoration of very old buildings using traditional techniques largely lost in modern construction. 


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