Evan Marker is an independant stone conservation and restoration specialist.


Conservation & Stone Restoration

Evan Marker Stonework specialises in the preservation and restoratoin of Adelaide's older stone buildings.  We  enjoy planning, designing and construction of stonework for houses and in landscape applications. Our experience in the stone industry in Adelaide spans over the last twenty years. We adhere to traditional stone building techniques applied to a contemporary context. The primary use of hand selected and, in most cases, hand dressed stone sourced from local quarries enables the production of stonework of the highest quality that retains a distinct local character.

Evan Marker has worked on several of Adelaide most icon heritage sites using traditional techniques and specialist trades as well as being involved in the construction of many modern extensions and new homes.  
Evan has a long standing relationships with our other trusted heritage trades who work closely with us to restore the former beauty of your home.

Beautiful Stone Cottage Restoration

An old stone cottage, painted over many times to hide the growing wear and tear and the failure of previous restoration attempts. We held our breath to see what would be revealed.

Restoring Adelaide Stone Buildings

Evan Marker Stonework is very passionate about Adelaide homes that have great historical character and architectural value.  Over the years, the outside elements can lead to the degradation of the stone and brickwork of these beautiful aging buildings.

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