Stone Carving, Sculpting and Letter Carving - Expert draftsmen producing art and letter forms by hand on stone.

Letter Carving

Evan Marker is an expert draftsmen producing letter forms by hand to be carved on sundials, memorials, commemorative plaques or sculptural pieces.
Every letter is carved traditionally, the chisel empowering each and every word. Lettering is an ancient art form requiring  prolonged  concentration and precision, sadly it is a diminishing skill.

Carving letters in stone is not an act of brute force but of tremendous delicacy. 
A chisel and a special letter carving mallet have allowed letter carvers to cut letters since the first century AD. It’s a skill passed down to us by the Romans and the harmonious proportions of Roman letterforms and the symmetry of Roman inscriptions still provide the standard today. Their marks, and of the generations that followed them, resonate through the centuries to the present day.
It’s a timeless art that starts with drawing, brush-painting or tracing letters carefully onto stone. Then steadily and carefully, the letter carving artist works with a chisel and a dummy to cut a letter. This can take 30 minutes for one letter. Sometimes longer. It’s worth the time, as the final inscription has an expressive power that can’t be matched by machine.
Evan Marker Stone offers letter carving workshops in Adelaide, South Australia. Please contact Evan for future workshops.
e  m 0417672273

Stone Carving & Sculptures

Evan Marker's understanding of traditional and contemporary sculptural processes enables him to create sculpture for any context; whether it be statuary in historical style, or more contemporary pieces. Our exhaustive understanding of materials and processes enables us to tackle all manner of sculptural stone projects.
Stone can be dug from the surface and carved with hand tools. Stone is more durable than wood, and carvings in stone last much longer than wooden artifacts.
Evan Marker Stone offers letter carving workshops in Adelaide, South Australia.
Please contact Evan for future workshops.
e  m 0417672273

Pictured below are photos from the Crystal Lake Sculpture Competition - where entrants carve from raw stone slabs unique sculptures over 9 days.

Evan Marker won Sculpture's@Crystal Lake People's Choice Award.

Crystal Lake Sculpture Park - the  largest collection of permanent stone sculpture in a public park in South Australia.